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This is me


I think so much of me doubts whether it’s ok to be myself / worship how I was created to. For eg. Is it ok that I’m really introverted and love solitude? Is it ok that I prefer to observe and listen rather than to speak? Is it ok that I like to kneel rather than stand and sing? Is it ok that I just don’t like the gym because I feel trapped? 

Whose permission am I seeking exactly?

I had a realisation recently that it’s like I’m the biggest barrier stopping Gods purposes from being accomplished through me. I spend so much time feeling insecure, afraid and just not liking things about myself… 

This year I want to learn to embrace who I am – because God tells me that person has been fearfully and wonderfully made. 

So – this is me. And I don’t want to be fearful or apologetic about it 🙈 … I mean 🐵


Shout outs 🎉!

🍰 amazing cake by @little.decadence   

📷 lovely photo by Tom Fewchuk Photography


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