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The Content Creators Community / Burnout Journey 2022

Last year around Feb/March, I launched the Content Creators Community (following a series of “Social Media Stuff” reels where I gave some tips on showing up online). Amazingly, 20 PEOPLE joined and off we went! 🚀

NOTE: This was WHILE starting up/establishing my previous business in creating content for others, plus starting up a few other projects as well 😅

Anyway, back to the story:

I was completely driven by the vision of not wanting to do this content creation thing alone anymore.❤️‍🔥 and also convicted that NOW was the time that God is sending people into the online space to really OWN and shine their unique light – and people are ready to respond to that calling. (I still believe this actually)

We started with a BANG💥, I absolutely LOVED seeing all the introduction videos and the creative / playful / out-of-the-box ways that different people approached it. 

I’m thankful for the fortnightly zoom meet-ups we had since then, for James and Hingis’ support as part of the team, and my husband Jordan for supporting me the whole way. I felt early on that I couldn’t lead / manage such a large community by myself. James lead us through some really insightful sessions in: What’s your ‘why’, Starting before you’re ready, Conquering your fear + more.

But from mid-March I really started to feel the effects of burnout. I think from December the previous year to that point I had really ‘gone hard’ at my business + various groups and projects, excited and inspired by all these new opportunities that seemed to resonate so much with how God made me. I was also working from home all the time, and didn’t go out to connect with people which turns out – isn’t very good for your mental health 😅

My brain felt very foggy and very tired, like it hurt to think. I basically halted everything, except for a few hours with 1 client per week and stayed home with Jordan (who was also out of action due to a back injury… which ended up being a blessing to spend more time together since recently getting married!). 

For me this lasted a few months – basically until the end of the year even. I also became scared to pick things back up in case I burned out again. But then in October onwards, I kinda went on a super wild self growth journey that has given me a lot of clarity about how God made me to the point of completely relaunching my biz 4 weeks ago (but that’s a story for another time) 😉 

During my burnout I had shared with James that I wasn’t coping very well and was super thankful that he was willing to take up leadership of the group! Amazingly, he lead the charge and continued our zoom sessions for quite a few months on top of a full time job 🙂

At this point in 2023, it is looking like the group won’t officially continue for the time being, however the doors are always open and the members are welcome to use the FB group as a way to connect with the others. (Kind of like an open house)

So I just wanted to share a bit of my journey – (I learned that leading and managing a group/online community is NOT easy!!! and actually takes a lot of effort to continue momentum), and also thank those who were part of it!

I’m still in awe that 20 incredible individuals decided to fill out a Google Form and embark on this journey with me :”) This in itself was really amazing for me to learn that I can inspire this kind of momentum simply through my (mainly) Instagram content / posts. 

I also learned soooOOOooOO much from burning out – no regrets! :”)

(I might even make a separate post sometime about all the things I learned from burnout)

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