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The Children of God

Barangaroo people low res

Taken at Wynyard station – Barangaroo exit

Let me tell you about the children of God.

They live among us, seemingly ordinary people going about their every day lives. But through the eyes of the Father, they are anything but ordinary. Each of them so dearly loved, esteemed and cherished by him. Handcrafted and woven together with so much care and intention.

They are beautiful – made in his image. Echoes of his glory wrapped in flesh and bones. Capable of so much goodness as they step into a new life lead by the Spirit. Yet they are broken. Daily the deceptiveness of sin whispers into their ears, vulnerable to the waves of this world that tosses them to and fro. Forever forgetting who he has called them to be – son, daughter of the most high. Lost – they turn their backs to him and sin. The evil one taunts them with fear, shame and guilt – telling them that they can not return to a God that is light.

Heartbroken, the good shepherd goes out to find the one. He cannot bear to leave them on their own. He finds them there, beaten up and bruised, too weak to move – only able to muster one last prayer, but he is already there. He cradles them in his arms, lifts them up on his shoulders and carries them home.

One by one he takes out shards and debris that have gotten caught up. He is gentle but firm as he restores them. You are not who you think you are – who they tell you to be. You are so much moreā€¦

The children of God are not immune to the darkness, and they are not immune to failures.

They are indeed broken, but are made beautiful by his hands.

Glorious dust, they will rise up and change the world. They will lift up their eyes to heaven and pray for a greater Kingdom to come – a Kingdom that never ends. A Kingdom where there is no more pain, suffering or weeping, but where King Jesus – the root of Jesse – will reign forever.

God will take what is in their hands and multiply it a thousand fold – the impossible will become possible. The dead will live, the deaf will hear and the blind will see. Jesus will be exalted.

This is the destiny of the children of God – as they transition from the temporary into the eternal.

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