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saying goodbye to the sun



my God
I’m not sure
I am ready
to say goodbye to the day
To look upon the horizon
and know
that those are the last moments
of sunlight that I’ll see for a while
a while that feels indefinite
to close my eyes
and remember the warmth
I once felt
so casually
and generously
on my skin
or even sometimes
without even realising
that it was so present
up in the sky
as I went about my day
sometimes I sought it
but often it was just there
as I went about my day
but now that I feel the times changing
I realise that it is setting
that what felt so permanent
so forever
will fade
will fall
oh how my human heart
is so prone
to take things for granted
is it because
we have so many things
that we don’t even have time
or headspace
to cherish them all?
and some are guaranteed
or most are guaranteed
for maybe we have limited focus
to fall
right through our fingers
open my eyes
to see your goodness
that is falling through my fingers
every day
I do not need to mourn
what has already fallen
as if that was it
for there is so much
an abundance
pouring upon me
surrounding me
every moment
every morning
fresh mercy
new grace
that has never been given before
help me
to be in awe and wonder
of your wrap-around presence
your goodness
which is the atmosphere I breathe
every day
open my eyes to see
for I was created to live
in praise

so Lord
as the sun rests its head
and I say goodbye
and the night time comes
help me see
that the night
still carries your goodness
just as the day did
for when the sky is dark
above my head
I can look up
and count the infinite
of your promises.

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