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Prayer – when a sinner meets a holy God.


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Dear God,

Here I am. I want to do whatever you want me to do – I ask only this, please make it clear to me what your will and desire is. Help me to feel it in my spirit and give me the faith to walk forward with boldness and confidence. Regardless of whether it aligns or opposes my own desires for my life, I just pray that not my will but yours be done. How am I supposed to know what’s best? I don’t. And I can’ t figure it out, I just don’t know. Help me to walk more intimately with you Lord, for sometimes I feel out of touch with you. And it’s probably because there’s sin that I’m not even aware of, let alone repenting for, therefore my disobedience leads me further rather than closer. And I’m just a helpless and clueless sheep which continues to walk the path of destruction even though it’s hurting me. I just can’t seem to walk another way. Please rescue me every day from my selfish thoughts and ambition, my endless worrying of my life, where I go, what I will do, who I am. My whole existence is so self-focused and I don’t know what to do about that God. You’re supposed to be the sun that the planets of my existence revolve around, but instead, I just place myself in the middle time and time again, and wonder why everything feels off, why I’m not content, why I’m not satisfied or at peace, why I’m not living the way I was born to.

Please have mercy on me God, a sinner.

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