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Prayer from 25 March 2014

God, I want to be your servant like Peter.
 I want to give up everything to follow you, 
God I want to go to the edges of the earth with you. 
I want to know and experience your Holy Spirit like I’ve never before 
I want your hand to pick me up and take anywhere you want to. 
I want to be your witness God , and I want to witness you. 
I want front row seats, I want to be at the frontline of the battle where you are. 

Sure, I have nothing and I’m weak. 
But God I’ve never needed to be qualified anyway. 
I want you to show your glory and power and love through me.
What that might look like I have no idea. 
But whether I’m a hobo, a quadriplegic, a deaf or mute, 
a doctor or missionary, a mum or wife or single, hungry or cold, 
I know that if you are with me, holding my hand, 
that’s exactly where I want to be. 
Nowhere could be any better.
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