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My love-hate relationship with starting things

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Will what we’re building last?

I like beginnings a lot. More than that, I love CREATING beginnings. I love starting things, in a moment of inspiration and vision I can imagine its future and want to take those initial pioneering steps into the unknown as an idea lands in reality for the very first time.

But I have learned from experience that vision and inspiration without consistency and planning falters. It doesn’t last, it is like a wind that passes. What then is the purpose of creating something that doesn’t last? I’m not even talking about whether it “lasts into eternity”, but even if it lasts in this lifetime, or for a few years at least. Was and is it all a waste of time? A waste of energy? A WASTE?

For if you never tried, how would you ever know? (TBH I think this is the same for relationships 🙈💕) I believe the “failings” stretch our perseverance and teach us things that help us take the next step higher, until one day you can build something that can last – and by the grace of God – not just in this lifetime but into the shores of eternity too.

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