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My big sister

My big sister holds me by the hand and journeys with me in life, she is both beside me and leading me. But she is not forcing me to go anywhere, she guides gently and I feel safe and comfortable walking with her.

My big sister talks with me. She tells me all the things that worry her: boys, money, the future, and I tell her all the things that worry me: boys, work, relationships. We share what’s been happening, the latest update on the situation.

My big sister serves us and surprises us. Sometimes she comes home with a yummy dessert she’s bought for us to share (like a pineapple bun). She actively takes care of the home and helps mum and I whenever she can.

My big sister does daily things with me. We drive to oztag, buy groceries from Aldi, cook and do the dishes together. It’s always better when we’re together.

My big sister takes care of things I don’t understand. Car rego, rent payment, apartment issues, insurance, car batteries, random life things that come up.

My big sister looks out for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, sick or discouraged. She takes care of me, encourages me and gives me advice on next steps. She always has wise counsel and insight that makes things so much clearer and manageable, and I feel that things will be ok.

My big sister is always there for me. I can find her and chat with her even if we don’t see each other often. I know she’s on WhatsApp/down the hallway if I need.

My big sister always lived with me. In the same house/town house/apartment. We would eat meals together and live under the same roof.

My big sister has flown overseas now. She’s moving indefinitely. She’s going to travel, explore and try new things. I hope that she will discover what makes her happy and fills her with purpose, that she would find out how she was created and why God put her here on this earth.

I will miss my big sister more than my words can express. Her empty room (soon to be filled by new tenants), her voice… I’m sure we’ll both go through so many highs and lows in the next year or more. We’ll try things for the first time, have life changing moments and even become a whole new person along the way. I will miss all the tiny, daily moments that make up these things for her, and she will miss them for me. Who will I go to now? I am no one else’s little sister.

My big sister is amazing. She loves me so much and I love her so much too… Which is probably why this hurts. 👭💕

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