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Lord help me find you in the connection.

As an introvert who loves quiet contemplation, reflection and solitude, I’ve experienced many times over the personal touch of God when I seek Him, the wonder-full words he speaks to me, his tender embrace and leading.

But moving beyond this into the world “out there” feels more scary somehow. And I think I’m yet to fully see and know, or maybe even remember, how much God is also in the connections – the connections with nature, with others, as he reconciles the world to himself. That this connection “out there” is another way to experience the glory of God, a fuller expression of his love than I would know alone.

And I think I’m beginning to see and experience this. The way we have been designed for relationships and community. And it is beautiful and full of life and colour 🌈


I feel a special connection with you
When I detach from everything else
There is something I find
When I am alone
When my attention is not pulled here and there
And responsibilities and tasks are on pause
And I feel that
It is ok
For my soul
To just rest
And be here with you
I don’t have to do or say anything in particular,
In fact
I can quieten my mind
With the openness
And the emptiness
Of simply listening
And receiving
From a God who needs nothing from us,
Yet lavishes all grace upon us.
Lifting my weary heart
To you in heaven.

Neither just here
Nor just out there
But everywhere
And in everything
You are in the connection.

You are God
You are my God.
You are our God.


Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash

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