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There are (quiet) riches found in words that have been thoughtfully formulated and expressed in what has been written that is waiting to be discovered…by everyone? Introverts-I am talking to you. While extroverts are busy going out and socialising and doing what extroverts do, we (introverts) may find we have a different calling.
Maybe it’s to travel back in time and listen to the written wisdom of saints of old (I am talking about reading), or to meditate on melodies until a new song pours forth from our soul, or to gaze upon the beauty of the earth and create: a picture, a story, a poem, a video, to capture the glimpses of glory to share with the world.

We may read. We may write. We may reflect and create. Whatever it is, pursue that inner calling-for this is how you were meant to experience and respond to the presence of God in this world. 
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