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Let it go…

Aside from the fact that I absolutely loved Frozen, this song and I think this picture is COOL…this post is not about the movie.

I want to share about the idea of surrender. The idea of giving my life to God Β (my friends, family, possessions, skills, abilities, desires, relationships, interests) has been on my mind for a while and there are times where I have earnestly asked God to take my life. Jesus paid for it on the cross, why should I live as if it is my own?

Nevertheless, ‘surrender’ remained Β (and still is for me) a very abstract concept. Oh how I wished it was a more Β tangible, physical action, like a child handing over a lollipop to their parent.

Fortunately (or unfortunately πŸ˜› ) God heard my prayers, and honoured them more than I could ever imagine. Although moving interstate for Uni may not be a biggie for some, it is honestly a giant leap out of my comfort zone. It’sΒ hard knowing what I’d be missing out on in Sydney. Ministry opportunities, a great church, experiencing uni together with my best friends, chilling with family, walking with my brothers and sisters in Christ…playing with my dog Pepper. Yet at the end of the day, something in my heart tells me it is the right decision. This is a step God wants me to take. I’m not too sure where I’m heading, for how long, or why, but for now, I am to take one step at a time. (Even though I want to plan/know 10 steps in advance). Surrender. I think the whole idea is that we don’t decide how we serve God, how we use what we’ve been given, where we go, what our lives will look like, what situations we face, who we have in our lives, who we become…in fact we don’t decide anything anymore. We simply tell God, Here I am, the rest is up to Him. And in that moment of glorious surrender-you are free.


  1. Hey Debbie, hope you are settling well in Bris! I'll be regularly popping by on your blog because I am your big fan hehe. <3

  2. aww Yvonne! You are the cutest πŸ™‚ Yayyy pop by whenever and as often as you'd like!

  3. Hey Debbie (: It's been a while since we last met, and It's a shame that you moved before we got to catch up properly and for me to say 'see you later'. Thanks for writing this blog post by the way. I think I've really been struggling with this idea for a while (not to mention possibly currently running on empty) but perhaps — hopefully– this amongst other things will really kick things back into place. HSC life has somehow creeped up and snatched what I acknowledge as my Lord and saviour away — or have I willingly let if cause tyranny in my life? I don't know anyways. Thanks! And I look forward to seeing some more of your home made meals with the SIC-roomate πŸ˜› [PS you should totally start calling her that xD]

  4. Hey Tiff!

    Thanks for sharing, honestly and boldly. Im not sure if this is the same for you, but I definitely felt something similar during year 12. Without realising, I had let 'HSC' slowly take over my life and like you said-replace Jesus as Lord. The scariest part was that I had no idea, thinking I was still somewhat following God until RICE when I realised I was no longer free, but a slave again to the world. And the world is cruel master πŸ™ It takes from you but gives nothing in return. Thankfully God never left me in the first place (even if I left him) and welcomed me back, slowly bringing back warmth into my life. (life outside of God's presence is cold and lonely)

    I dunno…year 12 for me involved a lot of running back and forth. Study and God seemed mutually exclusive, I would find myself consumed by HSC/anxiety/ambition –> tired/weary/discouraged/empty –> running back to God –> comforted, loved, healed but then –> forgetting and starting the cycle all over again. It's a tiring process, but God will sustain you. Keep returning to Jesus πŸ™‚ He is worthy and will show you great and beautiful things about how much He loves you- if you choose Him!

    I found this song comforting and very relatable: (Also check out "Believe" and "Fill me up" by United Pursuit) πŸ™‚

    Let me know any thoughts? Feel free to contact me

    hahaha SIC-roomate, I like it!! as long as she's not actually sick πŸ˜›

  5. Hi (:

    It really has, Study is currently my 'god' and I'm working hard (now) to try and fix that. In light of all the ups and downs (downs always seem much longer than ups…) I'm really quite sick of being in that vicious cycle of being Spiritually in Need –> Not caring about it –> Crying out to him –> only to slump and mess things up again.. Not to mention I've completely wasted a great week to witness to my school mates. It's a shame.

    If anything, I feel like he's continuously reeling me in, whilst I'm continuously swimming out against his efforts… I do choose Him ultimately — I do however suck at showing it and committing to it.
    I will do my best, God only knows where I'll go and hopefully – by his grace – it'll be in his arms.

    Mnn.. I'll try to check up with you once in a while methinks. (: I miss you quite a bit.

    It'd probably quite punny if she were sick though (the minor type that is..)

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