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Humbled at your beautiful feet. (Update #2)

WOW. I don’t really know how to express myself but I will try…

The past few days has been INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and SO ENCOURAGING! I think it started when I met up with a brother in Christ to discuss church-planting (starting up a new church) in Brisbane. Since, God has been opening my eyes day by day to see my time here in a whole new way. To see every person, every place and time here as an opportunity to share Jesus with others whether it’s verbally or in the way I live/love.

In God’s perfect timing, I was hit with the beautiful realisation that God has a purpose for me here-and this is it! To be the salt and light here in Brisbane. I guess I always “knew” this considering I felt God wanted me here, but until now I couldn’t visualise exactly how or what that would look like.

(This photo is from a while ago but it suits ^^)

I think it looks a little like this: using my gifts to build up a local church, loving my uni friends, actually seeking opportunities to talk about the gospel, being bold in starting conversations and talking about God, studying faithfully –> just generally choosing to follow Jesus in every nook and cranny of my life. Not that this is what I do persay-but that this is what I’m meant to do.

And boy, realising that you are where you are meant to be, and ready to do what you are meant to do (with God’s help) is a really wonderful feeling. Before I had been feeling a little confused and discouraged – unsure about why I’m here and feeling that the ‘sacrifice’ was all a bit meaningless. But no. haha.

I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger, beyond myself, and naturally as a Christian, this leads me to a desire to be involved with God’s mission to the world-to reconcile people to Himself. and here I am! Watching God’s plans unravel before my very eyes as He leads me to (sorry I’m going to get a little metaphorical here…) valleys and mountains and rivers that I would have never found myself if I had just stuck to my own path. Everything has so much purpose, so much intention because God is in control -He’s the leader, I’m the follower 🙂

I AM AWARE THAT I AM RAMBLING AND I’M SORRY BUT NOT REALLY…I was never very good at structuring all my feelings and thoughts…

Just another note about sharing my faith, it was “mission week” @ UQ this week where there is a focus on sharing the good news of Jesus with uni students including a series of talks with topics such as “Why is there suffering?” “Why can’t everyone go to heaven?”

I was SO AMAZED and EXCITED to see how many of my friends were keen/interested in coming along!! It made me realise that in sharing Jesus, the barrier for me was not in the other person, but in me. I think “oh-people won’t be interested…” I am so timid in inviting-but why should I be? If it means I can share the greatest treasure in the universe? (God Himself)

I guess if I had to sum up everything: I am just humbled and amazed and so excited-that I (random, ordinary person) could be living a life with God (indescribable, loving Father) as my leader. Such a privilege, such a blessing, so much purpose and joy and peace…!

Oh-and I had 2 exams this week, (and another tomorrow) which went surprisingly well! I was so overwhelmed by God’s goodness that I was feeling happy even before my exams 🙂

I have also discovered my passion for sharing food with others!
And thus I finish with a hectic relay of my adventures! (can’t forget the food.)

Weekly Canto night (that morphed into asian night): Japanese Curry with Edamame


weekly asian night: vietnamese rice paper rolls
 Cooking 4 meals at once: minced beef with beans
Seems legit.
*Disclaimer: I do not eat this well everyday!! Please note that I selectively post up the highlights!
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