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Finally, a breath.

Dear Reader,

I confess my blogging presence (and to be honest at times-my physical and emotional presence) has been rather absent these past months. I believe I was in a season of trial and testing-it’s been a while of sinking into certain depths, but more recently God’s gracious hand has been slowly pulling me back to the surface again, and He is slowly showing me the glorious reasons and purposes behind it all-and boy these revelations are beautiful!

So that’s my attempt at a concise reshuffle us into the present tense.

One of the big picture lessons goes like this.

Part I: the human experience
As broken humanity, we struggle. Sometimes it’s not in an identifiable ‘major’ way. Sometimes, we don’t seem to have any ‘good reason’ to make sense of our struggles. We know we’re fortunate enough not to need to endure the horrendous injustice of people halfway across the world like starvation or human trafficking…or illness such as cancer…or disability like blindness or being born without arms or legs. Yet…our hearts are burdened still.

Sometimes, it’s just in the daily way. Somewhere in between the getting up, gobbling breakfast, rushing to work, replying some overdue emails and texts on the bus, sifting through information, interacting with colleagues, trying to stay awake after lunch, going home, doing some last minute grocery shopping as you think to yourself what’s the quickest and easiest yet somehow nutritious thing you can make for dinner, going home and realising you forgot to do your laundry and you really need clothes for tomorrow, cooking, doing the dishes, showering, sighing as you realise you neglected exercise again, cramming some work/study stuff, getting ready for bed, wasting some precious sleep time surfacing the internet and then finally sleeping (but not really because you’re worrying about tomorrow/where this is all heading)…

somewhere in between all that…our hearts have grown weary and exhausted. But we can’t hear it’s cry because it is too soft and our daily comings and goings are too loud. sometimes-for a brief moment-we are aware that something inside is hurting and broken…but we don’t dwell, because well, who has time to think about these things anyways? I’m doing fine, I’m functioning. I’m getting by. There are people who are less fortunate than me. Life moves on. But…before we know it, the soft cries stop. we have suffocated the heart.

*Interval*:  feel free to stop here if you’re content with this cycle of life-or if you can’t relate, if you don’t see anything wrong with this picture, or if you just don’t agree. But God’s big lesson to me comes after the interval. The exciting part, the climax, the resolution is yet to come!

Before I begin: THIS IS NOT GOD’S WAY. This was not how God designed us to live when He created the heavens and the earth in the beginning. When He made us in his image-and saw that what He made was very good.

So the question arises, what is God’s way? How did He design us to live then?

Part II: Glimpses into God”s way (coming soon)

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