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confessions of a hungry heart

We were created, by tender, loving hands. Carefully crafted by a Creator so much bigger and greater than us. On the sixth day God made man in his own, glorious image. He set  mankind’s feet upon the earth, and breathed life into him. Inside this little man, He placed a smaller still, beating heart.

With this heart, we were made to know Him, to love Him, to treasure Him, to worship Him. Because He loved us first, we would find our greatest joy, hope, love, peace, rest, fulfilment in Him alone. We were His, He was ours.

But we didn’t want Him-and we don’t. Enter sin-into the human heart. Oh-but we want the joy, the hope, the love, the peace, the rest, the fulfilment…but not in Him. I don’t need you God. I will find satisfaction in other things. and so the hunt begins.

Money, power, success, approval, glory, qualifications, possessions, clothes, cars. food, technology. make-up, appearance, beauty, charm, personality, eloquence, skills, abilities, gifts, status, grades, career, my good deeds, my friends, my family, my church, my ministry, a spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, sex, health, travel, work experience, music, art, academic knowledge, age, youth, pet, celebrities, movies, t.v shows, facebook, youtube, myself…anything, anything but you God.

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator.” -Romans 1:25

and all the while our heart has broken. Somewhere along the lines while we were too busy stuffing ourselves and chasing the wind. death and emptiness has afflicted the human heart. we have debased our worship. the objects of our love have fallen far below. Our heart has become perpetually hungry, hungry for something more, for something greater, for someone greater-our perfect Creator.

(I’m unsure how to finish this, or whether I need to)…maybe I’ll just leave a question. Will I cling to this worthless idol and remain desperately thirsty? Or will I let go, return to my Heavenly Father, and be deeply nourished once again by the embrace of his perfect love? 

The shift may hurt. a lot. but no more than if you chose not to.

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