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Photo of sis in New Zealand

Take a breath in, and breathe it out. That was just one out of many times you would breathe today, except that you were actively thinking about it. What a beautiful mystery it is, that there is life in us. Who put it there? Did you?

There is a life giver who is closer than our heartbeat, not just watching from far away, but sustaining us through every moment. The miracle of walking is not just when we were young and taking our first steps. How crazy, how wonderful that we can run, dance, hold, laugh and sing?

Though the world is his right, he is incredibly humble and gentle. He will not demand it, but lovingly he invites us to worship. To see more of His glory, receive words from heaven and live by faith – in an invisible Kingdom that turns everything we know upside down. To bow down to a king who first became obedient to death on a cross for his people.

Take a moment to let these truths sink in – and breathe.


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