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I can feel the alignment happening.

Situations, circumstances, but also individual faith steps leading each of us to where we are meant to be, closer and closer to the THING you are meant to do, that you’ve been dreaming and longing to do, that maybe – you were even born to do.

Ever so gently, and kindly, the Creator surrounds you, shepherding you to the destiny He has created you for.

You’ve heard his voice, and now, step by step, you move together, beginning to travel as One.

Dreams from the past rise anew, brimming with life, and shining like stars in the sky that you can finally see.

“How wonderful

How marvelous

Is my Saviour’s love for me!”

🎵I stand amazed

“I stand in awe of all that you are

I stand in awe of you

For you alone are better than life,

Than anything in this world.”

🎵 I stand in awe – Hillsong

What is God calling you to?


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