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24th March 2014

Writing out my prayers helps me communicate to God, but sometimes I’m on the train or something and I only have my phone. Scrolling through my “notes”, I’m thinking I want to start posting up some of my prayers. Why? Although they’re not addressed to you, I hope that somehow you might be encouraged, or that you can relate, or pray them with me as I pour out my heart to God. 🙂 (keeping in mind that I am flawed and the way I view or relate to God is not perfect) these prayer-posts will have the date I wrote them as the title.


God there are so many inexpressible and indescribable yearnings in my heart. God, so you’re not content with my character at the moment. Well me either! God I am waiting. Cut off every branch in me that bears no fruit. Knock down my walls and break the roots of sin in me. God I am willing and wide open for you to work in my life. I want to be just like Jesus, I hate that I’m ineffective for you, I hate that I’m selfish and proud and afraid. I hate that I see with my eyes and not with my faith, that i don’t honour and respect my parents, that I don’t spread your gospel, that my heart is stone. That I compare myself to others and not Jesus. I hate my laziness and my lack of self control. I hate my idolatry and meaningless chasing of things of the world. I hate that I seek approval from others and not you. From men and not my God. God there are a million and 1 other things that I’m not even aware of. You know. You see, God take me and heal me. I’m waiting Father, I’m ready. And perhaps I don’t fully realise what I’m asking, but I don’t care. please answer my prayer.
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