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02.01.16 A prayer of longing


Dear God,

My heart is so prone to wonder. So easily I fall in and out of love of idols. They capture my affections and consume my thoughts. Out of proportion I chase after them, they capture my fancy and my imagination. Whether it be food or a man, satan whispers their worth in my ear, ‘bow down to them’ he tells me. Blinded by what’s in front of me I lose my whole hearted devotion to you. I dance with the world.
But Lord I want to love you with all my heart, mind and soul. Only you are worthy of my worship. Only to you belongs all the praise forever. Lord will you still my wondering heart and bring me back to you? Will you crush these idols and altars, these meaningless longings and direct all my affections to you? For what goodness is there outside of you? None my Lord. Any other answer comes straight from the lips of the enemy.
Lord give me a fixed gaze upon my saviour Jesus, and help me to throw off everything that hinders, my sin that so easily entangles. Help me to thirst after you and your word and righteousness and holiness. For to these I have been called and reborn to live for. Help me Lord for I am weak against the spiritual forces of evil but you have overcome satan and the world and sin and death.
Thankyou that you are the only one who is Almighty and sovereign and God. Lord of lords and king of Kings. May my knees only bend at your name, the name of Jesus Christ. For he alone is worthy, the lamb who was slain for the sins of the world! Help me love you more!
“help me to know continually that there can be no true happiness, no fulfilling of thy purpose for me, apart from a life lived in and for the Son of thy love.”


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