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Hi there!


12825105_10208475353019317_1761673253_nMy name is Debbie.





Welcome to my Webb!

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I am first and foremost a follower of Christ, who has been adopted, saved and blessed to live life to the full with Jesus as my King forever. I am passionate about empowering introversion and creativity because I see both of these things in my spirit. I simultaneously love the stillness of solitude and the potential of unity in community. I believe that technology and social media can connect and change the world.


I believe in dreaming big for the Kingdom of God as a perfectly unique and beautiful expression of how God has made each individual one-of-a-kind. Melancholy and sadness are my default emotions and there is not much sweeter to me than to gaze at the clouds in the sky or delight in a green plant.

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I love to observe, read, listen, reflect, think, write, sing, draw, doodle and create to my heart’s content as I am reminded daily of the great love of my Heavenly Father. May you find glimpses of His beauty in between the lines!





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